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Updated on  1st  Nov  2017
Grand Masters Asian Cup 2017 in Hiroshima,Japan
at Hiroshima Regional Park, 2nd Playing Field (SeveralLanguage available)

Welcome to Hiroshima,Japan
With heartful
 ”O Mo Te Na Shi

This is a PhotoGallery for  Masters Hockey Player !
 23rd Mon          Practice    Opening Ceremony    Welcome Party 
24th Tue  1 2 3   24th ResultsS.Cross-AllianceHK Japan65-EngLX Japan-Singapore  Korea-HongKong)
 25th Wed   (1 2 3 4)   25th Results  (S.Cross-EngLX  Japan65-AllHC  Malaysia-HK  Japan-Korea)
 26th Thu           26th Results(one game) (MalaysiaーSingapore)   26th OfficialDinner( 2) 18:00-
 27th Fri (1 2 3)   27th Results EngLX-AllHC  Japan65-SouthernCross   Japan-HK) 
 28th Sat 1 2 3    28th ResultsKorea-Malaysia HongKong-Singapore T/T:ConsolatinGame 3/4 Alliance-S.Cross
        Movies of ShootOut :(AllHC-S.Cross) are uploaded !(YouTube
 29th Sun (1 2 3)  
PrizeGiving ClosingCeremony
 29th Results (Korea-Singapore  Japan-Malaysia T/T:Final: Japan65 vs EnglandLX )
Prize Giving Ceremony et  Closing Ceremony  16:00− at Ground

FinalResult 4thAsianCup    FinalResult TournamentTrophy   4thAsianCup2017VideosYOUTube:WGMA HP)

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